According to the homeless charity, Shelter, over 300,000 people were homeless in Britain in Nov 2017. Lily is fictional but is based on a real person. Until October 31st 2019, 25% of the profit from sales of this recording of “Lily” will go to Shelter.

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Lily walks the street
Trying to find somewhere to rest her weary feet
Lily wants to know,
Is there some place where she can go tonight… tonight

Lily barely breathes
Hears her own voice saying “Spare some change”, please
Invisible in the twilight
Rests her head in the doorway of the night

Oh Lily my love
Lift your eyes up to the sky above
Lily take my hand
Nothing ever works out as we planned and …

We all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down sometimes

Lily tries to sleep
Only hears the sound of her own heart beat
Closing her eyes
Trying not to think of all the things she’s left behind

Oh Lily my love
Lift your head up to the sky above
Lily, don’t let go
There’s more strength inside you than you know

We all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down sometimes

Oh Lily my love
Lift your heart up to the sky above
Maybe this time
The stars will burst out and the planets will align for you

We all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down sometimes
You know
We all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down sometimes… sometimes… sometimes…

© Rowan Godel

Credits released October 9, 2018
Written by – Rowan
Voice – Rowan
Guitar – Rowan
Recorded by – Rowan
Photograph – Kerstin Maier @

What people say

Theatre reviews – Folk Opera “Rouse Ye Women”
“Rowan Godel’s “Bird,” was beautifully observed. She played the character impeccably including accent, dialect and innocence the women had back then. One warms to this heroine early on and Ms. Godel’s playing is a delight. Her singing is also so effortless yet thoughtful. Enchanting.”
Read the full review here:

“Rowan is simply one of the best singers I have ever worked with.“
John Jones – Singer / writer / musician (Oysterband)

“I’ve worked with Rowan on various projects and it’s always been a joy. Yes, she has a gorgeous voice – but importantly she also has a great attitude to getting stuck in, to learning, and to making sure she does what needs doing. A proper work ethic, a valuable ear for experimentation and improvisation, and an easygoing temperament. Singing with a smile on her face! “
Boff Whalley – Musician (Chumbawumba), play wright, activist

“Rowan Godel is one of those singers who manages to nail a song straight away with no apparent effort. She is not only possessed of an angelic voice, but also fine musicianship and an easy going personality… It has been my privilege to work with her on six CD albums and many live festival and tour appearances, always a reliable and easy going friend and colleague.”
Ray Cooper – Musician (aka Chopper – Oysterband)

About work with Billy Cowie:
Edge of Nowhere/Under Flat Sky is a ravishing double bill choreographed by Billy Cowie. The sheer beauty of Under Flat Sky is breathtaking: a visual projection designed by German artist Silke Mansholt and vocals by Rowan Godel are all part of an entrancing whole.”
Stephanie Green – The Skinny Sep 2015

About work with Billy Cowie:
Under Flat Sky, conceived and choreographed by Billy Cowie merges music, pictures, poetry, story and dance into an organic whole, measured and meditative. The singing of Rowan Godel creates an atmosphere of magical dreamlike suspension.
Susanna Battisti – Fogli e Parole d’Arte 27 July 2016

“ We found Rowan’s Hummingbirds Workshop friendly and fun… Our experience of singing in a choir is limited but Rowan’s excellent teaching methods and warm personality gave us confidence…  The day was well organised but very relaxed, and whatever your level of skill and experience, you felt that Rowan was taking care of you personally.  Highly recommended ! ”

Pauline and Robin from Gloucestershire

“I love coming to Rowan’s singing workshops… her passion about the sound she is creating with us is infectious… we are free to be bold and brave in our singing; she makes makes us feel completely safe. She’s that good”. 

Nic from Evesham

“ Brilliant … It was great fun. I loved the variety of the songs and the way, as a group, you helped us explore the boundaries of what our voices could each do… Now, I really see how singing is good for our health and wellbeing… Your workshops should be prescribed on the NHS. I’m still buzzing ! ”

Alex via email. 

“These are not your average singing workshops. I’ve tried a few, from scary formal ‘you must read music’ groups to raucous rock choirs. Rowan’s are refreshingly different. If you want to improve your singing skills and have lots of fun while learning all kinds of harmony songs ‘by ear’ from all over the world (and some penned by Rowan) then these are the ones to come to. 

Rowan makes her workshops a welcoming, encouraging space to spend a few hours. There’s plenty of tea and cakes too. All you need is enthusiasm. Give it a go, you’ll be uplifted. “

Rachel from Somerset