One month since I returned home from the UK tour of the new folk opera, “Rouse Ye Women”. What an incredible experience it was and what an inspiring story of hope. We surely need that in these times. We need to continue to share these real life, grass roots stories to help people know that it is possible to stand up to and win battles against those who would oppress.
I will miss Bird but I hope I take with me, some of her determination and her courage. She is, without a doubt, one of the strongest and most inspiring women I know ! 

On a more personal note, to have had the opportunity to work on a project like this has been incredibly exciting. I became part of a world which I never imagined I would inhabit -though I have always loved theatre -and I would absolutely do it again ! I am also now the proud owner of a six string banjo… watch out folkies !

It’s been an honour and a pleasure to work and tour with Townsend productions on the show and also to work with the marvellous John Kirkpatrick. I hope our paths will cross again some time. Keep an eye on what they’re working on here:

For now, a selection of photographs from the tour… including a photo of the cast with the wonderful Tony Barnsley, who has written an amazing book about the chainmakers strike and a Rouse Ye Women cartoon by the fantastic Jamie Caldwell from Glasgow -brilliant !

Rowan x